You must complete the Free Application for Federal 学生援助 (FAFSA) to be considered 联邦直接贷款. Beginning with the 2010/11 academic year, 十大电子游艺网站 University 将参加威廉. 福特联邦直接贷款计划. 学生 previously borrowed Stafford Loans through the Federal Family 教育 Loan (FFEL) Program, as well as new borrowers, will now receive Federal Subsidized 和 Unsubsidized 通过直接贷款计划贷款. 根据这一计划,美国政府将. S. 部门 教育 lends the money to students through the school.

Loans will no longer be offered through private lenders: banks, credit unions 和 其他贷款机构. When instructed by the 十大电子游艺网站 University 金融援助 Office, all new 和 previous borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling 和 a Master 本票(或然数). The Entrance Counseling session 和 the 或然数 can be completed 以电子方式透过 学生贷款 网站. 请允许30-45 minutes to complete the Entrance Counseling session 和 或然数.

You must have an FSA ID to complete the Direct Loan process electronically. 创建 或编辑FSA ID,请访问 在这里. If you created an FSA ID to complete the Free Application for Federal 学生援助 (FAFSA)或访问另一个美国.S. 教育部网站,你会的 use the same ID to complete the Direct Loan process. 欲知有关 student loans, visit Applying for 联邦直接学生贷款. 


私人贷款 is a nonfederal, credit-based loan designed to bridge the gap when 联邦贷款 和 other aid do not cover your cost of attendance.  私人贷款 when combined with other financial aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance as determined 由大学主办.  To view your estimated cost of attendance, log in to your 我的经济援助 account 和 select the College Financing Plan from the Menu. 

We encourage all students to apply for federal, state 和 institutional financial 通过填写 免费申请联邦学生资助(FASFA).  You might want to consider a private loan after exhausting all other financial aid options, such as scholarships, grants 和 Federal Direct Loans.  了解更多十大电子游艺网站排行 联邦贷款. 

贷款人包括在 选择比较工具  have recently provided private loans to 十大电子游艺网站 University students. 你有 right to select any lender for a private loan; the list does not imply endorsement.

T在这里 are a number of private loan programs available, 和 only you can decide which 选择最适合你的财务状况.  使用 选择比较工具 to compare the varying repayment options, terms 和 conditions. 如需更多资料,请 请联络具体的贷款机构.


When considering consolidation of student loans, borrowers should be aware that federal student loan interest 率s are subject to change every July 1. 你可以把它锁起来 low 率 for the life of your student loan through consolidation. 当然,费率 再低一点,你就会被锁在外面.

Borrowers with federal student loans may choose to consolidate their loans to get a single payment 和 extend their repayment period. 然而,借款人应该小心 of consolidations that may result in lost benefits. 一个例子是贷款减免 为某些教师提供福利. 如果老师已经巩固了他的 or her loans, the loan forgiveness provision may not apply. 利率下降 because interest 率s on most federal student loans are variable, but the interest 率 on a federal consolidated loan is fixed 和 locked in for the life of the loan. Interest 率s on federal Stafford loans are recalculated annually each July 1, 和 fluctuate with the 率 of short-term federal securities.

Federal Regulations state the interest 率 on a Federal Consolidation Loan disbursed on or after July 1, 1994 shall be the weighted average of the interest 率s on the loans consolidated, rounded upward to the nearest whole percent. 如果你有学生 loans that were disbursed before July 1, 1998, your consolidation 率 could be higher 比3.37%. If the amount of the Federal Consolidation Loan is less than $7,500, the borrower's repayment schedule may not exceed 10 years. 如果你必须合并, 最好的时间是在你的宽限期. 这确保了尽可能低的利息 率. To avoid losing any portion of your grace period, enter the grace period end date on the federal consolidation loan application. 如果你愿意的话,别忘了问 lose any loan forgiveness provisions available to Stafford Loan borrowers.

You can also access your loan history with your federal student aid PIN at Student Access to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). 如果你不知道谁服务 你的贷款,请联系美国.S. 部门. of 教育 Student Financial Assistance 监察专员 寻求帮助. 美国.S. 部门 教育 offers guidance on student loan consolidation at Federal Stafford Loan Consolidation Information. 您还可以访问您的信息 在五大湖高等教育公司. 


Students who borrowed loans guaranteed through the Federal Family 教育 Loan Program (FFELP)或威廉. Ford Direct Loan Program must complete 出口咨询 if they graduate, withdraw or attend less than half-time. 退出咨询是一个机会 for students to review their rights 和 responsibilities 和 repayment options. 失败 to complete 出口咨询 may result in the withholding of academic records.

You must have an FSA ID to complete 出口咨询 electronically. 创建或编辑 FSA ID,访问 学生援助. If you created an FSA ID to complete the Free Application for Federal 学生援助 (FAFSA)或访问另一个美国. S. 教育部网站,你 will use the same ID to complete 出口咨询. 开始退出咨询,到 学生援助, Sign In, click on Complete Counseling 和 select 出口咨询. 请允许30 几分钟内完成退出咨询. 咨询的结果会是 转发至圣母大学.


使用这个 指南 寻求帮助 to underst和 和 manage your student loans.


The 监察专员 Group is dedicated to helping resolve complaints related to the federal student aid programs, including Direct Loans, Federal Family 教育 Loan (FFEL) Program loans, Perkins Loans, 和 grant programs. 点击 在这里 了解更多信息.